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BoxxEra is a boutique fitness studio by celebrity trainer Jeeth Sanghavi in Hauz Khas, New Delhi, that offers online and in-person programs to help you transform.

Meet the Expert

Coach Jeeth is a Fitness Trainer, Sports Choreographer, Boxing Coach, Body Transformation Specialist and has designed athletic trainings for celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, who went through her regimen for the movie Mary Kom.

BoxxEra transforms you like no one else

Fat Loss

The only magical formula for fat loss, is understanding how your body works. Adding a special routine and diet according to your body type will give you the best results.

Natural BodyBuilding

See the power of nutrition, supplementation and recovery through a program compatible with your long-term health and genetics.

Muscle Toning

Instead of training hard, train smart. Start with this tailored programme for all those who want to improve or gain muscle tone through performance optimisation and good nutrition.


An injury should not stop you from achieving your fitness goals. When you have the power to overcome every obstacle and a team of people behind supporting this process, sky is the limit.

Choose the program that suits you

Customer Reviews

“I came to BoxxEra with a labrum tear and frozen shoulder that was restricting my shoulder movement. She fixed my shoulder and I no longer require a surgery. I am overall fitter and can dream of pursuing competitive racquet sports.”
Atishay Kumar
“An ankle injury brought my competitive sports activity to a halt. I am getting better now and can think of returning to sports.”

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