See what makes us special today.

Our community makes us proud and we reflect on them through their high level of participation in all the efforts we make as a responsible, women-led fitness centre.

Our Vision

Sports science + years of hard-earned experience.

These are the foundation stones of Boxx Era, an unconventional workout space. A clinic to erradicate those hindering health issues; and educational hub for anyone willing to learn – call it as you please – just share your ambition and see the transformation.

Our Mission

We've got your back during your fitness journey.

We are your space to be in sync with your senses. We are your refuge for whenever you choose to step away from the spotlight. We are your arena for that warrior in making. And we have sustainable, innovative ways to workout.

Our Culture

Life is a ring,
and to win battles in this ring,
you have got to be a fighter and the ringmaster too.

Boxx Era sets your mind for true sportsmanship, inculcating a boxer’s spirit and athlete’s mindset, cultivating that needed never-say-die attitude all humans are born with.

Boxx Era in the Society

We Provide

There is no special time to give something back. We believe in helping our community and those who need it most, as many times as possible throughout the year.

We bring Awareness

Participating in the support of good causes that involve health, wellness and women rights in today’s society.

We Engage

And believe that is very important to support and guide our local athletes, who most of the time have great potential but very few tools to succeed as high-performance professionals.

We Motivate

Our life experiences and scientific knowledge help us tell our story in ways that we hope help you build your own path with confidence and conviction.