Being Miss Jeeth Sanghavi

Being Miss Jeeth Sanghavi was not easy, from being a woman boxer and national athlete training tirelessly to bring glory to India to being the Co- Founder of the first of its kind – an all women led and run gym- Boxx Era. She has taken the fitness revolution to a different level and set a bench mark for all the women in the sports and fitness field.

One’s journey often determines whether the resulted fame was a product of hard-work or just a matter of few lucks here and there. because life is exceptionally difficult for some as they ought to fight not just their own selves but with society and it’s conventional norms to make a standing for themselves in the world.

Here is her story:

One thing that my father said to me was “Beta paise rikshawala b kamata hai agar kuch kamana hai to naam kamao , kaam aise karo ki dunia mai badlav aaye.” This word of advice has shaped ever decision I have made and every challenge I undertook.

When I was a kid a part of me, so strong wanted to serve my country and so I decide to become an air force pilot. For years I did everything in my power to bury myself into studies and prepare for the entrance examinations. This dream shattered when despite of passing the written exam, I failed to meet the medical eligibility of having 6/6 vision power. A young heart that had known no pain or disappointment of watching dreams break didn’t know how to handle one when it happened. I found myself succumbing to the despair and sinking into the pool of worthlessness. That was when I tried to commit suicide, thinking that nothing in my life would matter anymore.

It was at that moment my best friend, my confidant, my father gave me hope. He told me that serving the county isn’t limited to defense services and that if I had in me the passion to actually do something worthwhile I might as well dedicate myself to athletics and bring glory to my country. I was a good athlete but before this I had never given a thought to use my talents in sport to find a higher purpose. And that is when the journey of being Miss Jeeth Sanghavi actually began.

Just like everything isn’t a joy ride and good things don’t always happen to good people, I found myself surrounded and targeted by filthy politics. Years of my hard-work seemed to go down the drain for nothing. Now that I know it well, I see why so many dedicate individuals often fall victim to toxicity of their environment. A system that was supposed to nurture talent ends up crushing it under the foot of corrupt games and selfish propaganda. I spent years of sleepless nights and exhausting days, challenging my physical and mental limits, trying to become the best of the best, undergoing numerous injuries and breakdowns just to keep following my passion to make it all worth. I saw it come all crashing down, all over again because of some people who put their interests before the nation.

Just when I thought nothing could be worse, darkness extended like doom. I lost my pillar of support – my father. His death pushed me to a low where light couldn’t reach. It was like everything in my life was falling apart, making me question not just my years of turmoil but my existence as a whole. Sometimes everything in your life seems to go wrong and you have no clue as to why you deserve any of it at all. Call it destiny or fate or the belief of my loved ones in me that I finally managed to crawl my way out of that pit and see life with new eyes. I couldn’t let my father’s faith in me prove to be a mistake, I couldn’t let my mother’s eyes searching for hope feel despair and I definitely couldn’t let the person in the mirror feel like a loser anymore.

I channeled everything I had learnt, every skill I owned and every dream I had passionately followed to become someone I would be proud of one day. I started my studies in fitness and sports, pushed myself to learn everything I could about sports medicines and nutrition leading me into the direction of becoming a sports scientist. All I knew was I wouldn’t let go of the years of hard-work I had done to reach here. It was when I was working at a small gym that I found my purpose; working with my first client on personal training session I felt a certain satisfaction coaching and mentoring someone to solve issues and fight their limits. That is when it hit me, I was destined to become the Guru I was looking for everywhere. I started looking forward to helping people and slowly it became my passion. I realized that I could still find a higher purpose in life as half of the population in my country as well in the world were in need of passionate coaches who could teach correct strategies and were educated to handle complicated conditions.

That is how this journey took a turn, with me managing the biggest and most crucial position that I ever thought I could- A Fitness Director. It wasn’t easy though, a Woman trying to make her way in the socially constructed system that only thought Men were capable of leading. No matter the results or growth, the society often finds ways to crush women by calling them the weaker sex. So when I realized that it was time for me to fight it all off face to face, Boxx Era came into existence. A fitness studio, a transformation clinic, a spiritual paradise for all those looking for answers related to well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Boxx Era, an all-women led, one of its kind fitness center and gym is a brain-child of Miss Jeeth and a few other passionate and certified women trainers and athletes who are challenging the system of male dominance by helping countless people lead a happy and healthy life. It’s a revolution in the field of fitness which is being led by women who have transformed as dark athletes in the face of adversities and are striving to fulfill their purpose in life and inspire other women to make their own destiny.

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