Coach Jeeth is a Fitness Trainer, Sports Choreographer, Boxing Coach, Body Transformation Specialist and has designed athletic trainings for celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, who went through her regimen for the movie Mary Kom. Since 2010, Jeeth has trained many national and international level athletes, both in amateur and professional disciplines.

She is an International and national champion in Boxing and Lawn Tennis and in addition to her sports specific knowledge, Jeeth’s passion for outdoors has made her pursue various certifications in Mountaineering and other adventure courses until advanced levels.


Bachelors & Masters Degree in Health & Fitness
Exercise physiologist
Sports Medicine and Advanced Nutrition expert
Certifications: Crossfit, Kettlebell, Personal Training and Group Exercise Instructor

Areas of Expertise

Body Transformations
Strength and Conditioning
Sports Conditioning
Lifestyle Assessment
Sports Medicine and Nutrition
Functional Training
High Intensity Interval Training
Weight Training
Improvement of Medical Cases

Will you accept my challenge?

I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old and during my teens I focused more on physical training. I played Boxing, lawn tennis, swimming, mountaineering, and football. Various international players have been coached by me and reached provincial finals. Different celebrities achieved their fitness goals under my coaching as well. I believe in transforming lives physically and mentally through body building, fat loss programs, exercise physiology, sports medicine and athletic workouts specially designed for each case and body type. Passion often leads me to criticism from my peers for being ‘a hardcore trainer’, however the results I get from my students after a tough workout season, seeing them achieve what they were looking for is like fresh air to my soul.
People started asking me how do I do it. How do I train so hard and with so much discipline. I realized that it’s not a special formula/secret/product or a routine, it’s a lifestyle. After this, I believe people in general can have the same benefits in terms of physical and mental health, no matter how busy, young or old they are, when discipline and passion meet the experience of a good fitness coach, sky is the limit.
The best way for you to live a better life is through major lifestyle changes. I was not born a fitness trainer and, as any human being, I go through ups and downs too. Educating ourselves about nutrition and the impact it has over our bodies is a must. I have empowered myself and keep improving my skills because I want to make sure I can empower you as an individual too.
Traveling opens your mind and as soon as I had the opportunity to visit other countries, could learn and experience their advances in the fitness industry by breaking myths about human body. I studied every research and brought that knowledge from an international spectrum to India.
Accept this challenge, I commit to transform individuals by offering the best health management advise.

Case Studies

A True Resurrection Of Riaz Bhardwaj 

Riaz’s journey from 105kgs to 69kgs wasn’t just a transformation, it was resurrection. A working professional and a travel enthusiast, Riaz had always struggled with weight throughout her life but 2019 took a heavy toll on her body and she gained over 23 kgs over span of 1 year, and was practically immobile due to multiple injuries.  
“My pre-existing knee injury had become worse and I developed multiple other injuries in the body due to gaining so much weight. “ – Riaz
Riaz walked into Boxx Era in Jan 2020, with no hope, completely dejected by life, several complicated injuries and health conditions and was on the verge of signing up for a surgery.  
“I had just moved to India and despite extensive search, I was extremely dejected that I couldn’t find a place or a person who was knowledgeable to understand my injuries and my body.” – Riaz 
Coach Jeeth understood her pain and hopelessness, she took the challenge to transform Riaz’s body and life altogether with a year long Transformation Program. In the past 10 years, Riaz has lived in 3 countries (including Australia, UK, Indonesia) and worked with various trainers but it was Coach Jeeth’s expertise and constant motivation that changed her life and healed her holistically. 
“Coach Jeeth gave me hope, she motivated me, she pushed me and most importantly she believed in me even when I didn’t!” – Riaz
From not being able to walk more than few minutes to running marathons, from not being able to bend her elbow and knees, she now squats and lifts like a beast. Throwing punches like a pro somedays and lifting like an athlete on others, she is one of the most consistent athlete of Boxx Era. 
And this was all possible because of Coach Jeeth’s scientific training methods, deep-rooted expertise and the energy she puts in all her athletes. She believed in her and never let her give up. 
“It took me 30 years of living unhealthy, unfit and limited life to realise how liberating it is to train without fear and pain, to make fitness a part of life. Transformation program with Coach Jeeth changes your perspective towards life. 
With Jeeth as my Coach for life, I am unstoppable now.” Riaz quotes.

It was truly an AllSensesOn Experience for Soumya

Soumya is a decorated former NCC Cadet and an Anti-terrorism expert but also someone who was struggling with severe depression, anxiety, insomnia and multiple physical ailments for more than 4years. She came to the Boxx Era unknowing that this decision will bring a 360 degree change in her life. From weight-loss to gaining mental, physical and emotional strength, Soumya emerged as a true champion. She was struggling every morning to visit the Box, but it was Coach Jeeth’s determination and push that Soumya showed up everyday no matter how hard it was for her.

“They say God sends his people in the form of Human Beings, Coach Jeeth and Team Box Erra are those people.” – Soumya

Atishay’s Story of Shoulder Gone Wrong

Atishay, a software professional residing in Gurugram came in with frozen shoulder and a tear in his left shoulder. The tear was restricting the rehab and the doctor suggested him to go for a surgery. Atishay heard about Box Erra and came to meet Jeeth Sanghavi to know more about the Transformation Clinic, after examining his shoulder and medical reports, she decided to take this difficult case. Coach Jeeth started his posture corrections, customised shoulder mobility exercises from Day 1 only. He was also given a Sports Nutrition Plan and with strengthening to back a proper rehab, Atishay is now fully recovered from his frozen shoulder. He is able to do all kinds of exercises, lift heavy weights and lead a normal life.

“After my transformation, I feel my Left shoulder just as my Right one.” – Atishay

“In fact my whole body feels stronger & fitter than ever so much so that now I’m even planning to play and look forward to win Squash Nationals” he adds.