Innovative Fitness Classes in Delhi NCR.

Safe, fully equipped and with the best hygiene standards, our locations are state-of-the-art facilities providing the essentials to reach your fitness goals. New Delhi and Gurgaon are the cities where to find us.

Boxx Era facilities have what you need.

Our training method is based on scientific studies and not trendy workout routines. Research shows that not all machines can give you good results, and even some of them may lead to injury. Join our classes in a supervised and risk-free environment.

Personalized style

We guide you through your fitness journey, regardless of your previous condition.

Collaborative Class

We are athletes, so we train you like one. We promote team work and discipline

Progress Tracking

Our special programs focus on your improvement, hence we keep track of it regularly.


Sometimes it's all about fun and games - we keep things interesting with our classic bootcamp sessions

A Safe Space

And a judgement-free zone where you can be vulnerable at, with the most positive vibes around you.

Nutrition Coaching

In addition to our plans, you can opt for customized meal plans that adjust to your reality.

Experience it near you

Whether you are coming from home or straight out of the office, choose where to train and exchange locations according to the need of the day. We have dedicated teams with the same training methods. Applicable for all training except 1 on 1 sessions.

New Delhi

D-69, Hauz Khas

 In the heart of Hauz Khas Main Market, this facility has a professional boxing ring, absolute privacy, and the best reviews in the city. It was our first-ever place and main location.

6101, 1st Floor, DLF Phase IV

This facility has been our biggest project for 2023. Recently open after hundreds of requests, now Boxx Era expands to Gurgaon with top-of-the-line equipment for boxing, weight lifting, Crossfit, and other Hiit disciplines.

preferred by delhiites

Boxx Era New Delhi

We have changed countless lives since our opening in 2019. Visit this location and let us know how can we change yours.

a new, sophisticated hub for athletes

Boxx Era Gurugram

The perfect location for those who work or live in the city, a place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Come visit us and have a look at the amenities and equipment we have prepared for you.

Based on 122 reviews
"I love this gym - I signed up for boxing classing thinking I would go one or two days a week after work, but most weeks I end up going all 5 because I enjoy the class so much! I will literally rearrange plans so I can make it. Shivani is an excellent coach, who knows how to vary the routines and exercises each class so you are never bored. She also considers how to work with each person individually so that it feels like you have personal attention even in a class. If you’re looking for an excellent workout, developing your boxing skills and having fun while doing it, this is the place for you."
Taylor Braun
"I have been training with Coach Jeeth at Boxx Era for over a month now. The training has been very effective, it has improved my shoulder mobility issues and increased my overall fitness level. The team at Boxx Era is very dedicated and keeps you motivated to continue with training even if one fails to visit the studio physically. The studio itself is very clean and equipped with quality workout equipment. I plan to continue with the training in the foreseeable future."
Avikal Somvanshi
"You can expect the best coaches and the best training here. The vibe, energy.. everything is just so positive here. Have been working out with them for quite some time now and have become their forever athlete. They have helped me get rid of my long standing allergies because they work on you internally and externally. Once you become a part of their family, I promise you would never want to leave. Coach Jeeth and Shivani will make sure that you never miss your workout and nutrition. Love everything about it."
Prachi Agarwal
"It took me experiencing strength and weight training with Boxxera to realise how badly I needed it. Cannot insist enough on incorporating this into life asap! (especially women for stronger bones) and no better place to train at and track your journey with. Most professional trainers and amazing female role models to look upto. Not limited to body work, one is constantly working on a mindset. When all the fads fail you. This is where you WILL find the real YOU. Highly recommend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
Swati Singh Chauhan
"THIS place is so much more than weights and equipment, it’s a temple where i can be the version of myself i was meant to be. My journey in BOXXERA started 2 years ago when i was 16, i was skinny, i was under performing in most parts of my life and i was weak before i met coach Shivani maam. She has been my guide and my mentor in my path, the most accurate guidance on how to become a champion at your own life. My schedule is 8 am classes (five days) from monday to friday. Coach shivani maam along with coach jeeth maam curate a personalised and intense workout plan and share the accurate nutritional knowledge to grow naturally, physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually. Today i look at myself in the mirror and i am proud of what i have carved for myself with the help of BOXX ERA🥊 I am proud to be a DARK ATHLETE 🖤"
aatman panda
"Folks at Boxx Era know fitness inside out. I have trained in India and in the USA (I trained at the biggest gym of north america for over 5 yrs). Boxx Era team is pretty good and they understand how to get results and at the same time they make sure the program is tailored according to your current body condition. they take personal interest in making you better vs other places who are mostly interested in your money. You must go and try out for your fitness and transformation needs."
Atishay Kumar
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