Steady and permanent workout routines lead your body to progress slowdowns, says expert

Our fitness expert Miss Jeeth Sanghavi at Boxx Era states that body transformations via any sports activity regime solely such as through boxing, running and others should not be taken as an effective fitness strategy.

The reason why she believes this is based on her personal experience of 15 years in the fitness field. Here is what she says on this matter:

“I am an athlete who played almost all sports and worked really hard to transform through sports. I have had my fair share of injuries and adopted enough strategies to understand how to approach fitness and sports. What one needs to understand is that all those striving for transformation are not just looking for instant weight loss but often battling other issues. It is to be learned that people who need transformation are not always athletes but they may be someone whose lifestyle is not good, the body is unfit, the immune system may be weak, muscles may not strong be enough, and other very subjective conditions. When my clients ask for transformations via sports-specific activities – for example, boxing, I never let them go ahead with it for at least the first few months. This is because I know they aren’t ready. I have transformed many clients without injury and given 100% results solely because of the scientific approach which not prioritizes hard work over smart work.”

She continues:

“This is something that unqualified coaches don’t understand and choose to play with their client’s health. Mostly, the clients who come to me are those who have suffered by the hands of other trainers due to the lack of knowledge about this fact, resulting in injured spine, knees, elbows, scapula, shoulder joints, and more. My history with such clients has taught me that any specific sport demands an infinite amount practice for the same movements, usage of the same muscle, joints, tissue groups etc. and when you play sports like boxing you are mostly using your scapula, shoulder joint (ball and socket joint) elbow, wrist, knuckle or your hip joint and spine, without professional knowledge these movements may give you an injury in those joints and muscles, causing greater issues.

What needs to be understood is that during a successful body transformation you have to start gradually and begin with easier exercises so that your body progressively starts to learn and coordinate your movements. One must gradually go from easy to hard regimes, focusing on the right posture, technique etc. It’s our responsibility as fitness experts to make those unfit clients approach their routines in a positive and healthy way because only then will they love fitness.

If you adopt shortcuts and easier ways to get them to achieve their goals, a higher probability of them getting injured arises. All sports are good for conditioning but once you are ready for it and have learned the right techniques over the course of your fitness regime.”

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