Workout More Than 45 Minutes? A Big No!

There is a constant debate on the topic of whether working out for more than 45 minutes is good for the body or not. As we all are constantly rushing to reach our fitness goals in the quickest way possible, over-training is one way how we cheat our body of its well-being. Let us explain to you why:

The concept of over-training isn’t new as for years people in the fitness industry have often misled people to believe that rigorous and long workouts are the solution to achieving fitness goals quickly. Be it the abs you dream of or the toned body you wish you had, over-training isn’t your way to go forward. Studies have proven that for most adults working out 45 to 60 minutes a day is effective to yield the results of exercising. This is because of the transition of the body from anabolism to catabolism.

Catabolism is the process of breaking down of body’s complex tissues into simpler ones as a result of the release of Cortisol. This happens due to negative nitrogen in the body. On the other hand, Anabolism is the constructive metabolism where simpler molecules come together to form complex molecules. While many fitness enthusiasts are unaware of the role of catabolism, Miss Jeeth Sanghavi, the sports coach and expert at Boxx Era shares her knowledge on how this process hinders the progress of reaping results of exercising.

Miss Jeeth firmly stands by the studies supporting the 45 minutes to one hour rule as they show that excessive levels of cortisol are released post an hour of working out hence it becomes vital to limit the exercise regime to no more than 60 minutes. If the body is exposed to such a condition, the following things happen:

  1. The prolonging of the release of cortisol only keeps breaking down the tissues thereby canceling the potential growth that happens as a result of exercise. This causes the reverse effect which jeopardizes your efforts.
  2. Catabolism affects the body negatively by creating an imbalance of hormones in the body. This results in conditions like insomnia, increased irritability, crankiness, anxiety, and higher levels of stress.
  3. Working out for more than 45 minutes to an hour leads to the weakening of the immunity system. This is because over-training makes the body weak and prone to sickness, thereby decreasing the body’s resistance at some point. This kind of workout is not sustainable.
  4. Higher injury rates are associated with over-training because the body tires up leading to a lack of concentration and increased muscle soreness. This can also result in the weakening of joints. Hence it is better to have a 45-minute session of rigorous and well-planned exercises rather than hours of draining exercises. An ideal workout has a combination of exercises that constantly keep the body alert by shocking it. This results in a burst of energy and makes a more effective impact on the body.
  5. Workouts that extend for more than an hour are not quality workouts. They are aerobic in nature rather than anaerobic. This means the energy invested is not immediate and the body isn’t pushed out of its rest state. Studies prove that 45 to 60 minutes of well-planned, quality workouts which are a mix of different exercise regimes have better results on the body as compared to hours of walking or jogging.

It would be wise to say that instead of spending long hours exercising, a well-planned quality workout regime has more scope of helping you reach your fitness goals. Exercising regularly and correctly affects the immune system by strengthening it and building strong resistance to sickness. It not only has better results but is the right approach to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Just like Miss Jeeth says, fitness is a discipline, and doing it right is what truly matters.

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